What is code.sprint?

Launched in 2018, code.sprint is a national coding contest that has become a yearly calendar event, originally designed for students studying Computing in secondary schools. It is now a coding championship widened to include challenges open to Computing secondary students, Computing/IT post-secondary, undergraduate students, and established software developers.

The prizes for the top three code sprinters include world-class study programmes and mentorship programmes that further the candidates' programming skills, as well as cash prizes. Moreover, students within the secondary category can also achieve an MQF level-3 accreditation.

The main objective is to gauge participants’ problem solving, computational and programming skills in an environment different than students are accustomed to in schools and during traditional exams. The challenge is an open book exercise, and the participants’ work is judged against a set of assessment criteria based on functionality and effectiveness.

MEDS is constantly exploring new ways to minimise the gap between education and industry, seeking to ensure that what students learn in schools is contextualised with what happens in the workplace. Surely, code.sprint does this in the most effective manner.

How it works

Register under the secondary, post-secondary, undergraduate or developers category and compete in code.sprint.

Contestants within the secondary and post-secondary categories have to qualify from the first round to the final round. A boot-camp session will be held for all finalists to help them better prepare for the final round. In the final round the top three code sprinters in both categories will make it to the code.sprint hall of fame and be awarded!

Contestants within the undergraduate and developers category have a two-day challenge and the top three code.sprinters will make it to the code.sprint hall of fame and be awarded!

Ready to compete?

Registrations for code.sprint 2023 will open in February 2023
Stay Tuned!