code.sprint 2022

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Hall of Fame

Secondary Category:

Kieran Agius (The Archbishop's Seminary School)
Daniel Ciantar (St Benedict College Secondary School, Kirkop)
Craig Zammit (St Theresa College Secondary School, Imrieħel)

Post-Secondary Category:

Jenna Grima (Giovanni Curmi, Higher Secondary)
Aleksanteri Aho (Verdala International School)

Alan Grech (St. Aloysius College, Sixth Form)

Undergraduate Category:

Michael Vella (University of Malta)
Mariah Zammit (University of Malta)
Nathan Mizzi (MCAST)

Software Developers Category:

Chris Frendo (PorterPays Ltd.)
Nicole Bonnici (Greenroads Ltd.)
Georgios Goniotakis (Play'n Go Malta Ltd.)


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